Gudang Traditional

The most famous cigarette in the world now legally manufactured and marketed in Brazil.

Made from class A quality tobacco and clove leaves, Gudang Traditional is presented to all consumers who appreciate the art of tasting kretek-based tobacco products. The combination of kretek's advanced technology and hereditary formula makes Gudang a unique and genuine product capable of delivering an irreplaceable experience for consumers.


Gudang Menthol & Clean

New Menthol and White Filter Flavors

We distribute the newest products from the Gudang family, the mint flavored Gudang and the Gudang Clean with the traditional white filter.


Cretec Extended Editions

Kretek's unique flavor, coupled with its clove composition, produces a new and tasteful experience for all consumers.

The newest product in the GUDANG family, Cretec, brings the unrivaled flavor of kretek (clove) cigarettes, bringing the originality and legacy of Java-produced cigarettes in Indonesia.

About Us

  • Distribution

    We maintain distribution centers equipped with the latest in storage, conservation, control and inventory movement systems.

  • Positioning

    Distributing industrialized consumer goods to small and medium retailers efficiently and comprehensively, achieving satisfaction and credibility.

  • Strategy

    With growth and solidity in the market where it operates, we are guided by logistics efficiency and constant modernization of its physical and technological structure, ensuring supply within the highest quality standards required by the market.

  • Awareness

    We are fully committed to awareness in order to create new ways of acting that seek to minimize the impact of risky activities on health without, however, stopping them.

Who we are

EAGLE DISTRIBUTOR is the distributor of Gudang Garam and Cretec cigarettes from Santa Catarina.

Promoting the satisfaction and expansion of our customers' business, punctually distributing quality products, through a motivated, qualified and truly committed work team, are the goals of our company.

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